Character Creation

Short writing post here as I need to focus on my NaNoWriMo word count this month as I try to grind this book out as fast as humanly possible and at least beat the 50K deadline by November’s close.

Thought I’d post something amusing up here about characters and how peevy they can be for no apparent reason. Maybe the third character I had a name and pseudo-bio for decided to be a pain in my rear end. In that he would not tell me what the hell he looked like for nearly a month of dreaming up plots and trying to figure out my boys.

That being said, we finally ended up doing random internet image searching for nearly two hours while I tried to make him tell me what he looked like. Are you a ginger? Maybe. Are you a blond? Who knows. Bro, I need to know what’s going on! Are you tall? Silence. Buff? Sorta scrawny? Beard? More silence.

Two hours later I find out he’s 20, around 6′ tall, a blond with a nice 6 pack hidden under all that gear. He tells me this after he tells me all about his Engineering degree he’s going for, that he has no regrets, and likes high-fives. I had two pages of character bio and not one word about what he looked like until he finally mentally pointed at an image and quietly informed me: That.

I’d post the image but I don’t own it and have no idea who it is as it was reposted to Pintrest it seems. But he’s adorable and 100% not my usual type, but can I just say damn.

Not the abs I’m talking about, but wanted to provide some abs. So, have these abs.
Photo courtesy of and copyright Free Range Stock

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