NM Ice Wolves vs Lone Star Brahmas 11/21/2019

All smiles, all the time ❤

Starting lineup: Center Michael McCosh (#10), Left Wing Jackson Wille (#23), Right Wing Drew Lorinchack (#20), Defense Brandon Holt (#5), Defense Cooper Anderson (#25), Goalie Josh Graziano (#43).

Last night started off phenomenal. The first period gave us three goals, the first scored at all of 3:17 into the game by Zach Frisk (#26). The second went to Connor Kemp (#55). After that second goal the Brahmas pulled their goalie and put their secondary in. (I believe it was Baily replaced by Persson, but I could be mistaken.) But we still managed to get one more in even with that change within the final minute of the first period, a beautiful pass from Spencer Rudrud (#7) to Drew Lorinchack (#20), coming in on a power play.

The Brahmas were bringing the heat in the second period and honestly we may have gotten a little cocky around the edges scoring that quickly. My own thoughts on us getting so many in the first period left me sucking air in through my teeth, fearing that would be the result. It would be hard not to get a bit inflated knowing you managed all that in twenty minutes on the ice and the guys are just as human as the rest of us. We fell apart a little in that middle period and you could see some of our old habits slipping back in, passes to nowhere, people not where they were supposed to be or players passing to wrong places. Whatever it was, it wasn’t the team we saw in the first period and after the Brahmas got three goals through on us in 11 minutes, I think Coach saw it, too. He pulled the team for a timeout and while we can only guess at what might have been said, it brought us around a bit and we shut them down for most of the rest of the period.

Pure luck gave the Brahmas the fourth goal in the final period with barely 0:37 of the period. The puck went over and tumbled down, didn’t make the goal but it slipped and one of our players skates hit it and boom, there it was, number four on the roster for the other team. The moment was sort of a collective gasp from zone A and really, I feel for the guys on that one.

Another goal to the Brahmas and things got dicey for a while there, desperation showing on all sides. The Brahmas got handsy but I think we kept our tempers better than usual. No one got called for roughing, though there was a close call that involved players from both sides yanking the respective participants apart before the refs got involved. So I think that may have stopped it from getting called. Close though!

Free hugs? (I think I’m funny with my captions, clearly…)

We earned our last goal of the night with dang near nothing on the clock and it was honestly amazing to watch us try to come back, even with Graziano pulled from the net. Someone ended up in the glass house, but I honestly forget who it was (I blame Thursday night, honestly) but it ended up with us shorthanded and yet, here we went, sinking another puck into the back of the Brahmas’ net, courtesy Griffen Sanom (#17) and Alex Gomez (#74).

We ended 4:5, Brahmas win, but it’s okay, we have two more nights to sort this shit out. Not to mention four points on the board!

I would like to call out one moment I saw that was downright sportsmanlike and was honestly a little bit of a ‘wow’ moment. The Brahmas were coming hard at us, pulling shit behind the scenes that the refs weren’t calling, apparently putting an unregistered numbered player on the field, and generally harassing the shit out of us. For the most part our guys weren’t biting and that’s probably best with three games in a row to play. At one point, one of the Brahmas slammed our guy into the boards behind the net, another set doing the same thing a few feet away. Everything ended in a tangle of skates and confusion and by the time three of them got back up, the Brahmas guy didn’t immediately and I actively watched our dude reach out a hand to help him back up instead of taking the opportunity to do something like push him further back down or skate off and leave him, and it was the kindest thing I’ve ever seen in hockey. I’m here for it. Here for it as much as I’m here for the good ‘ol rounds of rock ’em sock ’em robots, to be honest, and I just wanted to bring it up. So while I couldn’t see your numbers from the other side of the rink, good on you, dudes! (Do we give out a free pass on a penalty for sportsmanlike conduct? No? Maybe we should!)

That said and done… have the usual goalie love!

More pics than usual today, but I couldn’t help myself so… here have a few more awesome shots I managed.

I’d love to know how I got this shot. I’ll never know, but dang! 🙂
Blurry because of glass scratches, but dude, I don’t think the goal is for YOU to go in the net!
I feel like you posed for this. Did you? Did you not? lmao, thanks Griffen!
One more, for posterity!

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