NM Ice Wolves vs Odessa Jackalopes 02/14/2020

New jerseys, all wins, maybe we make the opponents see red now? 😉

Starting lineup Odessa: Center #18 Max Klanow, Left Wing #11 Jack Rudin, Right Wing #7 Isaiah Huempfner, Defense #14 Spencer Kimball, Defense #2 (must have written the number wrong, there’s no #2), Goalie #35 Andrew Takacs

Starting lineup Ice Wolves: Center #17 Griffen Sanom, Left Wing #21 Alex Dominique, Right Wing #10 Michael McCosh, Defense #5 Brandon Holt, Defense #11 Liam Ovington, Goalie #1 Henrik Laursen

The Valentine’s Day game was special all the way around. Maybe there weren’t kiss cams, but there were red jerseys being debuted as our alternates. We also finally debuted a D-heavy lineup to see how it works for us. Honestly, it works pretty damn well if I do say so myself. While you could still see that some of the Ds were still stuck in a defensive mindset while trying to play in a forward position, it was still working. That combination of tactics making it hard to expect specific things from various players.

Most of our ’99s were missing from the game and while it originally made me feel like maybe they had also been traded off like we did with Emil Gabrielson, that doesn’t seem to be the case according to the roster. Still, these guys are suspiciously absent from both the 14th and 15th games and practice today (2/17). I do have the thought that perhaps they traveled to the prospects tournament anyway, despite not being on the roster. It seems like it might be to their advantage, but you never know. (For those that don’t know, we traded Emil off to the Ice Dogs in Alaska so that he would have more of a chance to be on a playoff team this season. It’s a good move for our players and I think we made all the right decisions giving our boys options to trade when they’re about to age out. While it hits hard not seeing Emil in the lineup anymore, it was for his good for his potential career in hockey and it was the right call all the way around. Wishing him all the best luck ☘️)

We were shining stars out there on the 14th. During the first period we got assessed a penalty for tripping and while on the penalty kill, we earned ourselves our first goal at 5:15 on the clock, Brandon Holt sliding the puck home past Takacs. During the second, we scored again at 3:46, this time with Keegan Langefels scoring!

It wasn’t until the third that Odessa answered us, #16 Ben Doherty slipping the one and only goal they earned past Henrik Laursen at just 19:13 on the clock. We decided to respond in turn, a beautiful pass by Alex Dominique to Griffen Sanom at 9:40 giving us our third goal of the game. They pulled their goalie at the end, giving them an extra attacker on the ice and we scored on the empty net, Griffen Sanom saucing a second one for the night at 1:21 remaining in the game. Shots on goal were 40 for us and 28 for Odessa, the ending score of 4:1 in our favor.

Something else incredibly special about the game on the 14th was me and my husband getting interviewed by our media guy, Michael Wisienski. He’s incredibly kind and the interview was fun (and a lot less stressful than I thought it might be). It was great being interviewed real quick and he seemed genuinely happy with having us. It was a great experience and one that HockeyTV has captured for eternity and well, if you’d like to see this author looking nervous and talking about our Ice Wolves, then here’s your chance! 2/14/2020 game, during 1st intermission.

We missed the 15th game because we were in Glendale AZ watching an NHL game. More on that later, but apparently we missed another 4:1 game wherein we whooped Odessa good. Go Wolves!

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