NM Ice Wolves vs Corpus Christi Ice Rays 3/6/2020

Sometimes my camera and hand cooperate with my brain. This is one of those moments. 🙂

Our starting lineup for last night was Center # 17 Griffen Sanom, Left Wing #9 Philip Ekberg, Right Wing #10 Michael McCosh, Defense #4 Keegan Langefels, Defense #6 Sean Henry, Goalie #1 Henrik Laursen.

Play started and right off the bat you could see we were hungry for another win. I’d brought a new friend to see our boys and I hoped we might pick up a win while he was there, encourage him to come back and see them again with us. The game started off on fire, our shots on goal something of perfection. At 16:24 we scored our first goal, our starting line scoring it. Credit goes to Ekberg with assists from McCosh and Sanom. The crowd really got on board after that and it was loads of fun. We scored again on the power play at 5:33, goal credit to #7 Spencer Rudrud, assists to #5 Brandon Holt, and #18 Cole Hanson.

Corpus answered us back at 4:03 to dead silence in the arena, which… was weird. Usually you hear something, a few lone fans, a few boos, something. But tonight every time Corpus scored, it was complete and total silence. Unnerving even to me, it had to have been hell for the players on their side. I almost wanted to clap for them, but I was sitting on the Ice Wolves side and couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. (Goal scored by #5 Hunter McDonald, assists from #23 Stephen Kyrkostas and #2 Mac Wiseman.)

We scored another goal with only 10.3 seconds left in the period, this one coming from #25 Cooper Anderson with assists from #23 Jackson Wille and 55Connor Kemp. Cheers and applause were intense, beyond lively, I may have squeaked and literally jumped for joy. It was beautiful. Gotta say I love last seconds of the period goals.

The second period was a lot of back and forth, two teams straining against one another and Corpus picked up one more goal at 9:28, #18 Alberto Pison scoring with assists from his teammates #11 Ethan Benz and #23 Stephen Kyrkostas.

The third period was met with just as much enthusiasm from the crowd and yet again, dead silence when Corpus scored at 10:41 while we were on the penalty kill. #2 Mac Wiseman scored with assists from #20 Erik Bargholtz and #25 Evan Carroll.

We responded with another goal at 9:44 #19 Tristan Rand scoring with an assist from #55 Connor Kemp. Again, crowd was on their feet, team was shining with happiness, it was glorious.

We went to face-off with 2:10 left in the game, our shots on goal even and it was just a night of beautiful hockey. And even better? We won 4:3. Gorgeous.

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