NM Ice Wolves vs Corpus Christi Ice Rays 3/7/2020

I apologize in advance that this review is a bit rushed. I have some stuff going on in my personal life involving family that took me out of town most of today and I have to get ready for my day job and get in bed. But I still wanted to put down a quick review of facts and thoughts for the game.

I think I caught most of the Corpus starting lineup this time. Center #18 Alberto Pison, Left Wing #8 Tod Philibert, Right Wing #23 Stephen Kyrkostas, Defense #6 Tyler Orban, Defense #7 Kyle Gudme, Goalie #1 Jeremy Forman.

Ice Wolves Starting line: Center #25 Cooper Anderson, Left Wing #19 Tristan Rand, Right Wing #55 Connor Kemp, Defense #5 Brandon Holt, Defense #2 Mitchell Becker, Goalie #1 Kirk Laursen

Corpus made up all of the goals received last night with the first coming during the first period at 11:22, goal by #2 and assist by #5. In the second period they got one at 17:16, goal by #25 and assist by #10 and #13. Another at 16:11 while we were on the penalty kill and another at 8:54. In the third period they got another one by on us at 7:35 on the clock leaving us completely bereft of points to end the game.

I wouldn’t say it was for lack of trying on our part, we were trying. We had futzed with some lines from the previous night and were down some players that could have made key differences. I don’t know if they were hurt or sick, perhaps or just the chosen scratches. I get the feeling we’re less playing to win and more playing to see what functions line-wise at this point, but I feel like we could have really done our boys a solid by keeping the same lines as the night prior and going with what worked then. I did notice our passes on 3/6 were tape-to-tape more often than not and totally were not on 3/7, meaning people chasing pucks or overskating pucks. It sucks, it happens, but my biggest rant is this. Why. The. Hell. Are we not using our backup goalie at all? Poor Laursen needs a break. He went down injured in one of the away games and remained in net for some reason. He’s been in net ever since then and it’s bleeding stupid if you ask me. Not because I don’t want him there, because, trust me, I DO. But because this is his future we’re playing with. If he plays while injured that’s how we create massive issues down the line, something snaps and it’s game over for him. That’s not how we want to teach our players. Give him time to rest, time to heal. I don’t care if the other goalie is shit, let him have a damn chance to play. If the guy isn’t inured or something, give him a chance in net. Please. Me and a few of the hockey moms were talking about it and we all think it’s beyond stupid. Don’t break Laursen, man. C’mon.

Okay, rant over. I’ll chill, but… ugh. Just ugh.

Story behind this one. Once again my jersey manages to make the away team respond to me. This time in the form of a puck that actually made me jump when it hit the glass next to me. (Good job, bro, seriously, I’m mostly immune at this point in the season, lol)
Made for a neat photo taken through the water left on the glass from the icy puck.

Alright, photos, the interesting part for the moment since I’m in a mood for personal reasons far beyond the game. I’m just gonna say, keep your family close y’all. You never know what might be happening with them.

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