Internal Debates, Updates, and Edits

First off, a little nugget of news, I figured out how to have a second Instagram account. Finally! Before it wouldn’t let me sign up no matter what I did. But now I have an author account. Hurray!

My Instagram: ReddingBooks

In other news I’m on the 9th edit of the novel and I’ve officially moved into “rewrite whole chunks” in the grand scheme of things. Like I know I could do better, so I am. Here we are and my editors are going to hate me since it’s already been through both of them. Alas, it’s the price we pay for good writing and good reading material (I hope!).

My internal debate of the week is my nerves over my old old Kindle books. They’re shorts and they well… suck. I wasn’t the writer I am today when I posted them and one of them I posted purely because it was supposed to go in a Zine that went bankrupt right before my publication date. That particular one was more me posting out of spite at the Editor the place provided that forced me to change the story into something it was never ever supposed to be. (Changed one character into a raging asshole when he wasn’t to start with, basically had me rewrite it into their story, not mine… – On that note, do not ever let an editor do that to you. I thought it was normal. It’s not. Walk away if they’re doing that to you. Grr.)

So… I’m debating if I rewrite them and put them back out there as an update. It’s that or pull them down and I really hate the idea of doing that since people did pay for them. If I pulled them I’d want to refund them, but I don’t think you can do that… so… rewriting and posting as updated versions it is, I suppose. Now to find the time between the million edits, normal life, and the extra day of Dungeons & Dragons I’ve picked up (to try to quell my soul during this quarantine).

In other personal news… I’m on day 29 of exercising every single day! It’s not a lot and it’s wall-versions of things, but I’d like to give a HUGE shout out to Shark’s defenseman Mario Ferraro for being the person that got me doing it. He posted a pushup challenge circuit and while I couldn’t do the floor version, I told him on his vid that I’d do the wall version and then forced myself to do it because I’d promised someone in public and I don’t back down from promises unless I can’t help it. He replied and started posting wall-versions of the stuff he does or at least stating how to modify it and it’s been great! I also found a beginners resistance band video and have been doing Arnold presses, which are awesome and feel great. Yesterday, we went to the ice rink parking lot (there’s a Pokemon stop there, don’t judge me! Also… I miss hockey.) and I actually wanted to get out of the car and walk the parking lot, so I did. (Hatched an egg in Pokemon Go… so go me!) So a big positive in the sea of overwhelming negatives of being on lockdown for over 50 days now. (We take drives and this is the first time I’ve gotten out of the car because there weren’t people there. Everywhere else we’ve driven too many people so I couldn’t get out.)

We replaced the dishwasher AND the kitchen faucet (of course you replace one and find out the other is leaking… ugh) in an 8am to 11:30pm adventure last week. I’ve cleaned… well damn near everything. I’ve cooked more than I have in years (hubby usually cooks because I did for the first 10 years of our relationship and got tired of it). I’m tired… perpetually. I think work might feel like a break when I can finally go back, which seems like it’ll possibly be another month or so according to our workplace.

So… pretty hockey things? I donated to Signatures for Soldiers and got a St Louis Blues TJ Oshie signed card and I also won a TJ Oshie signed picture from the Golfdom gift card giveaway he held a while back (Golf gift card for my dad for his bday, pic for me!). So it seems it’s a TJ kind of month! I’m also now the proud new owner of a Nick Jensen signed puck from the Capitals Stick Together auction for charity. I feel like that guy gets too much flack from the fans and when I noticed the puny bid on his puck, I let go of my dreams of that Vrana helmet and went after his puck. Good donations for good causes and happy hockey things for my hockey shelf!

Also… new dice. Last two sets from what I ordered showed up. They’re cute and I am officially both the gamer who says “shiny math rocks” and “things that go clickity clack, must have more”. Dice… dragon… goblin… something! Yes, yes I am a nerd, thank you very much!

So I hope you’re all doing well, there’s my word vomit of the week. Have a good one!

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